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Our History

The Land

In short, this land has only had three owners. Ever. The Native Americans, the Stewarts, and Robert Redford.  Centuries ago, the Ute Native Americans were retreating to this canyon. It was their summer camp, a spiritual place filled with dense forest and cascading waterfalls where they could enjoy cooler temperatures and hunt the abundant game.  In the 1890's, two brothers, Scott and John Stewart, surveyed this land for the US Government to enable homestead claims. With great foresight and a few bucks, the Stewart brothers decided this exquisite wilderness would be a great place to call home.  And the Stewart family has been here ever since.

The Stewarts & Sundance

Fifty years later, in 1944, Ray Stewart and his wife Ava opened a quaint home-spun ski resort called Timp Haven, a favorite of local skiers. With a homemade rope tow, a single chair lift crafted from local timbers, and a T-bar (that was scary as hell to ride) the small ski area became the embryo of what is now the Sundance Resort. Less a few improvements over the years the land remains much as it was thanks to the environmental conservation of the Redford family.


In 1969, the Stewarts sold the simple ski resort and 5,000 adjacent acres of land to Robert Redford, who has held firm to his vision of protecting the canyon from developers for over 40 years.   The Stewart family joined Mr. Redford in making a public commitment to forever preserve their family lands by donating a large conservation easement to Utah Open Lands.  As a result, the  family legacy and stewardship of this extraordinary place will live on for future generations. And while Stewart Mountain Lodging has no direct affiliation with the Sundance Mountain Resort, we share a mutual commitmentof preservation for the enjoyment of visitors and guests alike.  

As third generation Stewarts, it's our honor and privilege to extend our warm and friendly hospitality to our guests and welcome them to this most extraordinary expression of nature in the North Fork of Provo Canyon.


Our Mission

Like our Stewart ancestors before us, our love for this area is boundless. We live here, we love it, and more importantly, we truly enjoy sharing this remarkable place with our guests. The way we see it, you’re looking for more than a nice place to stay. In the end, what really counts is the overall experience and the memories you take away from this extraordinary setting. And for us, what matters most is that you enjoy your stay and come back often.