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Exploring nature on foot is primordial in origin and essence. At Sundance you’ll find over 10 miles of mountain trails. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert hiker, there’s a trail that’s just right for you. Ride the chair lift up and pace yourself walking down. Or challenge yourself on a hike to the summit and then ride down.

Our favorite hikes
Over the years, we’ve discovered and fallen in love with a few trails that truly showcase the natural beauty of the Sundance area. We’ve listed them below.

Personal guided hikes available
We would love to guide you or your group on some of the less traveled and spectacular hikes in the area. Or if you just feel more comfortable hiking with someone that knows the area. Call for details. 801-396-0537

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Stewart Falls
Enjoy one of Sundance’s most popular hikes to beautiful Stewart Falls. (Okay, we may be biased because of the name.) Take the lift up to Ray’s Summit and then walk through mountain forest and across the meadow to the falls. 2 hr beginner/intermediate hike.

There is an alternate trail from Aspen Grove, 3 miles up the Alpine Scenic Loop (SR92) that is a little longer but still an easy to moderate hike. Go past the forest service fee station to the parking lot on the left.

Black Forest Loop
The perfect hike for beginners or to get you warmed up for something bigger. Take the Sundance Resort chair lift to Ray’s Summit and hike through thick forest trails and back down past the Sundance summer theater to the base.

Arrowhead Summit Trail
This challenging hike takes you up to Arrowhead Summit on the back mountain of the Sundance Resort with incredible panoramic views of our surrounding peaks and valleys. If you’re up for the challenge it’s well worth the effort.

Emerald Lake via Aspen Grove
Emerald Lake is 5.3 miles one-way with an elevation gain of 3,210′ and will require 3.5 hours to reach the lake. The Aspen Grove Trailhead is 2.5 miles past the Sundance Resort on the Alpine Loop Road (SR 92) with a large parking area and forest ranger booth.

Summit Mount Timpanogos
VIA TIMPOONEKE – The summit of Mount Timpanogos is 11,749′, second highest in the Wasatch Mountains. We consider this hike from the Timpooneke Trailhead to be one of the best hikes in Utah. For the average hiker, reaching the summit will require about 4.5 hours. The summit is 7.5 miles one-way with an elevation gain of 4580′ on a well-maintained trail. Drive over the scenic Alpine Loop Road (SR 92) 9 miles from the Sundance Resort until you see signs for the Timpooneke Trailhead. Please note that Saturdays in the summer time can be very busy and we recommend getting an early start to find parking and to plan on a full day of hiking.

VIA ASPEN GROVE – The trailhead at Aspen Grove is the closest option to the Sundance area. This trail has a little steeper grade than the Timpooneke trail but is more scenic. There are several waterfalls along the way and you pass by Emerald Lake along the way. With a shuttle, you might consider hiking the “loop” hiking up from Aspen Grove and hiking down to Timpooneke.

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