Utah Fall Foliage

Our record snow fall from last season kept the mountain greener than ever and the streams running strong all summer. Now our crisp cool mornings have us thinking of fall and what autumn in Utah has to offer. Take a long weekend and book your favorite cabin with us to enjoy the colors this year and soak it in before winter is upon us.

Alpine Loop • You can start your colorful drive to Sundance if coming down from SLC by heading up American Fork Canyon, just 10 minutes off I-15. Start this 24-mile drive at the mouth of American Fork Canyon, drive past Timpanogos Cave and complete it on U.S. 189 in Provo Canyon just past the Sundance Ski Area. A couple of nice side trip will take you to Cascade Springs, a beautiful natural area with a boardwalk trail that can be spectacular this time of year.

Clicker HERE to read more on fall highlights in Sundance. So much to do in such a short window. Hurry and book now so you don’t miss out this year!

Don’t forget to pack your camera for this trip – perfect time for family photos as well as that award winning shot you have been looking for. This could become a tradition!

Room with a View

There really isn’t a best time of year in Sundance. It’s all subjective as to what draws you to the area. Autumn in Utah and in particular along the Wasatch Front is a unique backdrop to many areas of our country. The Alpine Loop stretching through Sundance offers the deep reds and oranges of the oak trees as well as the bright gold and yellow from the quaking aspens. Fall in Utah is one of our more popular times of the year for guests to come and enjoy long weekends with an abundance of colors in every direction. It’s a great time of year for hiking, biking and doing absolutely nothing.

Stewart Mountain Lodging offers cabins in Sundance with some of the best views imaginable. Anytime of year from the decks of these retreats is a vacation in itself. Wake up to the fall colors in any of these homes and renew your love with Sundance all over again. Clockwise starting at the top left: The FallsAspen RidgeModern Treehouse and Lookout Pointe.

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