Family Exploration in the Canyon

There’s a term for the consequences of this divorce between human and habitat — nature deficit disorder, coined by the writer Richard Louv in a 2005 book, “Last Child in the Woods.” It sounds trendy, a bit of sociological shorthand, but we tend to agree with his thinking.

Louv argues that certain behavioral problems could be caused by the sharp decline in how little time children now spend outdoors. Kids who do play outside are less likely to get sick, to be stressed or become aggressive, and are more adaptable to life’s unpredictable turns, Louv said. Since his book came out, things have gotten worse.

We are taking his warning seriously and strongly recommend you get you and your little ones to the canyons and wilderness this summer! Make it the summer the kids will remember and you will enjoy just as much. There’s nothing commercial about our area- no Disneyland or thrill rides. Just the good ol outdoors and Mother Nature at her best. Click here to see our list of Summer Activities.

It’s a big world out there that they can’t wait to discover

Family Time – Mountain Time

Our vacation cabins in Sundance, UT are what so many families are coming back to each year for their family reunions and gatherings. Stewart Mountain Lodging offers small cozy cabins on the stream with several within a short walking distance from each other. Or take one of our larger homes and get everyone under the same roof. Our list of summer fun and activities will convince you to extend the your dates in order to get as much in as possible.

They are amazing we had all 9 of our family in the same house for the 1st time in years for 7 days. Great 1st class accommodations everything we could ask for… I have stayed all over this area and this is the best.

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