Escape from Condo Hell

We all have our own definition of what a vacation is or should be. It varies from husband and wife, your family and the in-laws, one culture to the next. For some it is simply not being at work but many have a sense of adventure and a desire to find something unique and memorable. Throughout my life I have done my best to avoid the crowds and go somewhere where I can BE without confusion and overstimulation. I have enough of that in my day to day routine that I seek peace and serenity. Ski vacations have become popular with my family. I am drawn to the mountains each season for all the takings they have to offer. Hiking takes place year round in my mind- the only difference between summer and winter is snowshoes strapped to the bottom of your boot so you’re not up to your waist in powder. I’ve even discovered recently mountain bikes that go just as well up a snow packed trail as they do down a single-track dirt trail winding down the mountainside in the summer. The problem has been finding a destination that offers all the wants and needs without having to stay in what I refer to as “Condo Hell”. You’ve seen it before. Almost any ski town is guilty of it: developers are fighting over the premier locations closest to the ski slopes and active night scene. In order to make the largest profit, the towns have allowed condos to be built on top of each other and it has made for a very unsightly scene.
When the natural landscape of the mountains is respected and incorporated, the results can be breathtaking. I can’t think of many resort towns that have pulled it off other than one inparticular. Introducing Sundance, Utah. Not every ski town can get away with what Sundance, UT has, because not every town has Robert Redford making the calls to ensure the little canyon doesn’t become a Vail or Telluride.
Stewart Mountain Lodging is located in Sundance, UT where they have every size of mountain cabin, cottage and lodge available as nightly rentals. Most of their homes have hot tubs and fireplaces, some have views while others sit right on the stream. Their properties have full kitchens where you or their chef can prepare meals for the whole family. I’m still trying to decide if I have a favorite picked out amogst all the choices.   VIEW LODGING
There isn’t much of anything in the small North Fork Canyon 45 minutes away from the bustling Park City, UT. The Sundance Resort is nestled into the base of the ski slopes with about 100 discrete cottages scattered around the base and hidden in the hillsides. There are another 200 homes or so recessed amongst the towering conifers that consume the canyon. Rushing streams and Stewart Falls keep the canyon cool and refreshing during the summer months. The Sundance Resort offers exquisite dining options from casual to formal that will keep most foodies quite content. 
There are not traffic lights or gas stations, no clubs or discotecas, there are hiking trails instead of sidewalks, no cityscape just mountainscapes.
Whether a guest is coming for a day visit or an extended vacation- the surroundings will not disappoint. Nor will your views be obstructed by towering condos

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