Utah Autumns

We are a bit spoiled in Utah with our maples and oaks turning first, typically early to mid September and the Quaky Aspens turning last the first to mid part of October. If you time it right you get the full spectrum of colors ranging from the grey earthy granite cliffs of Timpanogos, deep forest greens of the pines, red and orange of maple and oak  along with aspen groves of golden yellow.

Whether you lace up the boots to explore it on foot or buckle up for a scenic drive, Autumn will not disappoint. Our easiest and favorite drive is the Alpine Loop right in our backyard. There is also a great drive over to Park City recommended by TripAdvisor with excellent reviews over Guardsman Pass.

Early morning light is the best time to get out and see the colors come to life. The hiking this time of year is perfect.

Sometimes Just a Drive is Not Enough

We are all familiar with the iconic fall foliage car ride up the canyon or out into the countryside to see the change of season. Most children dread the experience, instead seeing it as pure torture to be trapped in a car with siblings and parents. I’ve come to appreciate those childhood memories more now in my adult years and have even started torturing my own child now with the same tradition. However, I’ve come up with a new twist to the drive and it includes bags packed for the weekend. As long as my son can pack a swimsuit whether it’s for the beach, a lake, a pool or a hot tub he is happy.

Just after the colors fade we roll into November and our fall discounts come into play. Check back with us soon to see what we have in store for our locals, return guests and those that haven’t experienced what we have to offer. It’s an offer you will have a hard time turning down.

Hard to say what our favorite time of year is up here. We are just happy we have 4 seasons with our surroundings constantly changing. 

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